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Seeking to Influence Major Change in our Church

We seek to set up the means whereby Catholics can influence the needed reform in their Church. The Second Vatican Council emphasised that the PEOPLE ARE THE CHURCH.

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Why Join Australian Reforming Catholics?

Australian Reforming Catholics will keep you informed and provide a forum for your views to be heard.

Help Promote Equality

Insist that everyone is equal regardless of ethnicity, race, and sexual orientation. No one should be barred from exercising ministry in our Church to the fullest extent.

Develop better Understanding

Learn and help to overcome the confusion arising from uneducated interpretation of scripture, doctrine, and teachings, and the following of dubious spiritual practices.

Have Your Say

Assist in reflecting to the Church hierarchy what needs to be said and done to make the Church more like the community of which you wish to be a member.

Enjoy Community

Gain strength in your faith through sharing your thoughts and aspirations comfortably with other ARC members.

Michael Morwood – Theologian and Author

New Windows for Religious Belief and Practice

View this second presentation and discussion recorded on May 16th, 2024 and/or the first one recorded from November 2nd, 2023.

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