Australian Reforming Catholics

Contacts & Links

Our Secretariat

We are happy to receive an email or phone call any  time to discuss what we represent and what we are doing. The Secretariat members are in various locations in Australia.

Rob Brian

Law Librarian, parish leader, studied courses in theology and parish ministry

(02) 9371 8519 |

John Buggy

Management of Change Consultant, Licentiate in Theology, Honours degree in Social Work and Community Development, local action group leader

0419 217 543 |

Alan Clague

Chemical Pathologist, with degrees in Medicine and Science, Master's degree in Theology

(07) 3374 1889 |

Margaret Knowlden

Writer, Publisher, Editor – particularly of Church and women’s equality newsletters

(02) 9488 7927 |

Shirley Lohman

Parish Council and Paulian Group member, active support for Catechists and mothers’ groups

02 9484 4718 |

Patrick Nunan

Lawyer, Litigation Solicitor, member of Australian Army Legal Corps, member of diocesan advisory bodies

0418 153 405 |

Wendy Rowe

Financial Industry with international experience, organiser of educational conferences

02 6227 4191 |

Maureen Ryan

Chair of the Blue Mountains Deanery of the Paramatta Diocese, leader of the sacramental program

0403 931 782 |

Michael Sibert

High School Teacher, Accountant, Parish Council Chairperson, Master’s Degree in Theology

0402 923 601 |

Noelene Uren

Primary School Teacher, School Principal, occasional topical writer

0402 923 601 |


You May find the following links informative. They connect you to other organisations that are trying to influence Catholic Church reform.

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